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The rigorous pre-screening process at Hire it Done means our homeowners get great contractors that will stand behind their work for years to come. Solution minded professionals who have experience with whatever project you need. We are your resource for Hassle-Free Home Improvement. 

Finally! You have the power when shopping for a new roof!

Using our exclusive independent aerial imaging tool, we have leveled the playing field. All of our pre-screened contractors will be competing for your business using the exact same measurements. Make sure you ask our contractors the right questions to ensure you never have to worry about your roof again.

After a tough winter, make sure you can enjoy the beautiful spring and summer in your yard.

Always wanted a brick paver patio or a stone porch? Is your deck railing getting old and unsafe? Did your driveway take a beating from the cold weather and snow plows? Our exterior contractors are skilled in style, function and fiscal responsibility.

If your DIY list has become unmanageable, Hire it Done!

If your house needs painting on the inside or outside, if you have holes in your drywall, if you have leaky faucets, exposed wires or a broken garage door opener, Hire it Done will help you get it done right.

You'll get up to four licensed and approved contractors to compete to work on your project when you Hire it Done!

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You'll get up to four licensed and approved contractors to compete to work on your project when you Hire it Done!

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