Three Biggest Mistakes When Planning an Interior Renovation

  1. Buying cheap materials.  Cheap materials can be a temptation when planning the budget for your renovation, and it’s a dangerous trap.  Now, that’s not to say you have to purchase the most expensive sink or countertop on the market. However, when it comes to things like cabinets, paint, and any building materials you want to make sure that you’re going for high quality and durability. Because the last thing you want is to have to redo this project in a couple of years.
  1. Not ordering extra flooring.  Ordering enough material to complete the job is always important, but this is doubly true when it comes to flooring.  Perhaps more so than any other interior component, flooring is subject to defects and installation waste. This is why we recommend purchasing 20% more flooring than you think you need to install in your home.  
  1. It’s easy to forget about lighting when designing an interior space, but lighting can be the difference between a warm cozy reading nook and a dark corner.  You want to make sure that your renovated space is welcoming, well-lit, and usable. That’s why most design build contractors offer a lighting specialist to consult with, so you can plan ahead according to how you plan to use a space.

A renovation is no small undertaking, and the items outlined here are just a few examples of the foresight and planning required in executing such a project.  Proper budgeting for this scale of project is also incredibly important, and if you’re starting to feel a little in over your head, don’t sweat it! keep reading to find out the number one most costly mistake homeowners make when budgeting for a renovation.

Most Costly Mistake When Budgeting for An Exterior Renovation

The biggest mistake that homeowners make when budgeting for a renovation is not setting aside contingency money.  Remember that an interior renovation is a vast scope of work that touches almost every and mechanical component of your home.  This means your project will inevitably interact with multiple systems within your house (structural, electrical, plumbing, ect) and require the contribution of multiple contractors to complete.  Every home contains at least one unique challenge that you won’t be aware of until you open up the walls and start renovating. So how do you plan for what you don’t know? By setting aside 15% for contingency, per item.  This is how you can ensure that you don’t go over budget, and that you complete your renovation on schedule.

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Adam's Helpful Hint:

Interior remodeling can be a slippery slope! Remember to avoid the most costly words in home improvement - "While We're At It..." Create a plan, and try to stick to it. Changes are ok, just make sure you know exactly how much more time and money you will spend to make the changes you are asking for.

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