Going Green: How To Get Kids Involved

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Most kids hate making their bed but with these few tips and tricks, we bet they will be picking up trash in no time!

Teaching kids to go green at an early age will not only help our environment but also teach them a little thing called responsibility. However, we know that getting your kid to make their bed is a chore, pun intended, so how can you teach them to be green?


First things first, educate them. Take them to the local recycling center, watch television specials or documentaries. The more they understand the need to go green the more likely they will want to participate.

Practice What You Preach

Make sure the kids see you picking up trash and turning off the water when you aren’t using it, like while brushing your teeth. Kids are always watching and the more you show them, the more likely they will create those lasting habits for themselves.  

Save Money

Save money for family fun! Not only does being green help the Earth but also it can save lots of money. And more money means more fun activities for the whole family to do.

Now put things in to motion and start today. Kids love a challenge and when it comes to going green making it game is the best route to go. Here are a few ideas: 

  1. Recycling: Make them in charge of the recycling bin. Sorting can be fun, especially for the younger kiddos.
  2. Light police: Give them a whistle or a special ‘chant’ for every time they see a light on and turn it off.
  3. Pick up five: Every time you go to the park, beach or even the back yard, challenge them to pick up 5 pieces of trash and throw it away.
  4. Less water wins: Who can wash their hands using the least amount of water? Or who can take the quickest shower and be the cleanest?!

Good habits start young. So start talking to your kids today about practicing green habits. It will help your home save money and create a fun activity that everyone in the family can participate in. 

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